Final Cut Pro: Understanding Source and Destination Controls

If you are using one of the newer versions of Final Cut Pro, then you should know that there are a number of new features in the software which can help you to get more out of editing your film. New items, such as the Source and Destination controls, have been added to allow you to fine tune the editing process. In order to get the best from such items, you need to know how these parts function, and familiarize yourself with them before you begin editing your film upon them.

Locating the Source and Destination Controls

If you are looking for the Source and Destination controls on your Final Cut Pro screen, then you need to open the Timeline window. Along the side of the Timeline panel to the left of the main window, you will see your source and destination controls. Each time you open up the Timeline window with a clip already in place, this panel, known as the patch panel, will appear. You can also locate the Sequence and Destination controls by placing a clip into the Viewer window, relating to the number of audio and video clips which are in the sequence. So, for example, if you include a clip which has a video layer made up of three clips, plus an audio layer that has 2 audio tracks, you will get three video and two audio sourcing controls in the Timeline window.

Within the panel patch destination controls, there are two portions. Those on the left of the panel are the Source controls, and those on the right are the Destination controls.

Using the Source and Destination Controls

The purpose of the source and destination controls is to allow you to manipulate the clip available in the viewer without having to do too much hard work. The Destination controls on the right hand side represent all the possible timeline tracks where is it possible to place the clips, and the Source controls on the left show where the clip is now. If you want to move your clip to a more suitable place in the film, you can lift up the source control, and place it onto the destination control. This simple movement will change where the clip is in the film.

You move by lifting the source control button up or down to the correct location. You can also click over the button while pressing control, and this will allow you to select a destination from a drop-down tab. You can also click-and-control over the destination button, and then choose a source clip from a drop-down tab.

In order to avoid accidentally moving the newly arranged clip again, you can prevent the source control from moving by disconnecting it from the destination control. To do this, wait until both sides of the control panel are lined up with each other, and then click on one of the buttons. They will automatically disconnect from each other.

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