Final Cut Pro: Trimming with Slip, Slide, Ripple, and Roll Tools

There are a number of trimming tools which you can use in final cut pro to manage and convert the clips which you are editing. These different tools have a number of functions which can be used to create the solution to your clipping needs. When you are trying to trim your film down in Final Cut Pro, you have so many options that sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming. There are many reasons why you should learn how to use these tools effectively, so that you do not waste too much time trying to edit your movie in the wrong way. The slip, roll, slide and ripple tools all have different functions.

The Roll Trimming Tool

This tool has its own button in the tools menu. In order to use the rolling trim button, you will need to have a clip in the timeline first, which can then be cut down to size whenever you need. Open up the Rolling Trim function in tools and then move along to the timeline. You should see the cursor change to two circles, one above the other. Click on the exact spot in the clip that you want to be cut and then drag or extend in order to increase or decrease the clip. You can also use this function to extend one part of a clip into another.

The Ripple Trimming Button

Keep your clip in the timeline and then go back to the tool tab. You should be able to find a ripple trim function button there, although you can also press RR on your keyboard. When you move the cursor back into the timeline, you will see that is has turned into one circle with a line running through it. Click on a transition marker in the timeline and then drag the edge of your clip to extend it as you wish. The next clip will be moved along the timeline. Be aware that when you move the clip, you may take it out of reach of any audio.

The Slip Trimming Button

To perform a slip trim, you can open up the Slip trim button in tools and then move your cursor over to the timeline. You should see the slip trim key where the cursor was. Once you have the slip trim icon, click on a clip and then hold down the mouse in the timeline. Drag the clip to the right or left and this will then trim down both clips in order to make a closer shot.

The Slide Trimming Button

Go back to the tools bar and select the slide trim button. When you go back to the timeline, you should see the slide trim icon, which is two circles side by side. Use this icon to click onto a clip in your timeline. You can then slide the clip either to the right or left. The clip will be dragged to the side and any space will be made up by the clips on the opposite sides. You may also find that you lose footage from the clip that you have dragged your chosen clip towards.

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