Final Cut Pro: Transferring Video Effects Between Systems

Final Cut Pro allows you to transfer video effects between systems. The effects that you would need to transfer are called RT Extreme real time effects. The RT Extreme real time effects allow you to play back motion effects, audio and video filters, and multiple video layers without having to render your project first. The effects are automatically saved within your project, so you only have to worry about transferring your project and installing FxPlug plug-ins.

FxPlug Plug-Ins

Transferring your project between systems is as easy as saving your project to a flash drive and then opening the project on a different computer. When it comes to the video effects, unless you have the necessary plug-ins on your other computer, the video effects that you have applied to your project will not work. The RT Extreme real time effects use FxPlug plug-ins. If you were to try to run your project on another computer that does not have the necessary FxPlug plug-ins, a screen would pop up in Final Cut Pro that warns you about the missing plug-in.

Installing FxPlug Plug-Ins 

When your originally installed Final Cut Pro on your computer, you should have been given an option in regards to what FxPlug plug-ins to install. The FxPlug plug-ins will be located in the Library folder, which is located in the Final Cut Pro folder on your hard drive. In order for the FxPlug plug-in to work in Final Cut Pro, the FxPlug plug-ins must be located in the aforementioned folder. If you installed an FxPlug plug-in with Final Cut Pro open, you will need to close Final Cut Pro before the FxPlug plug-in will be available in the Effects tab. If you are using a third party plug-in, you will need to follow the instructions included with that plug-in.

Graphics Cards

When you are transferring your project between systems, you need to always be aware of the specifications of the computer that you are transferring your project to. If the graphic card of your other computer is not as powerful as the graphic card on the computer that you created your project on, some of the FxPlug plug-ins may not be functional. If the FxPlug plug-ins are not functioning properly, you will not be able to use the effects associated with the missing FxPlug plug-ins.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

You also need to be familiar with how much RAM the system that you are transferring your project to has. Final Cut Pro uses the RAM of your system to be able to view video effects in real time. If there is not enough RAM available, Final Cut Pro will have to render your project before you can view the video effects. When Final Cut Pro renders your project, it has to save it to your hard drive, which takes up space and time. As a general guideline, the system that you are transferring your project to should have at least the same amount of RAM as the computer that you created your project on.

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