Final Cut Pro Titles: How To Make Sure Titles Fit on TV Screens

Titles on a movie or video often provide an important element to any project. If you want to have the title of your work be displayed a monitor or TV, it is important that you are able to fit the titles of your work properly and not have it lost somewhere on the screen.

Fitting your title on TV by using the Final Cut Pro is very easy. There are only a few steps needed to complete the task at hand.

Tools and Materials:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • MAC computer with Intel processor

Step 1: Create a Title

To create a title in FCP, first select a text generator by clicking the Audio or Video tab in the Viewer. From the Generator's menu, choose a text generator. You can also go to the Effects tab of the Browser and double click a text generator that you want.

Next, click the Controls tab on the Viewer, then type the text or title that you want to appear in your movie on the Text field. You can also indicate additional settings on your title. There are different text generators available to help you create different designs including font setting, font size, alignment, color of the font and the origin, which refers to the center of the text.

Step 2: Go to the Title Safe Indicators

After creating your title, you can then proceed to making sure that the title you made will fit on the TV screen. At the FCP program, go to the Title Safe indicators. To get to the Title Safe indicators, choose "View".

Step 3: Enabling the Title Safe Indicators

To enable the Title Safe indicators, choose Show Title Safe from the menu in the Viewer. After doing this, you must see a checkmark appear next to it.

Step 4: Title Safe Boundary

The Title Safe boundary is generally 20% smaller than the overall size of the frame. This space is guaranteed to be the least displayed area of the image on television. Try to limit your text within the title safe boundary on the space.

Step 5: Setting Your Display Preferences

Follow this step if you are not able to see the Title Safe Boundary. If your computer is not set up right, you might not be able to see the Title Safe Boundary. To set it up, make sure that your MAC OS X is set to millions of colors on your display preferences.

To do this, go to Apple then System Preferences. Once you get to System Preferences, click on Displays. On the menu that pops up, choose Millions from the Colors. This will set up your settings so you can properly see the Title Safe boundary.

Step 6: Closing Title Safe Indicators

After you are done, you can now close the Title Safe indicators. You can do one of two things to do this. First, choose View and then choose Show Title Safe. You can then remove the checkmark. You can also choose Show Title Safe from the menu of the View in the Viewer to remove the checkmark.

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