Final Cut Pro Titles: How To Install and Choose Fonts

Original versions of Final Cut Pro made working with text on titles very difficult. Ever since Final Cut Pro 4, however, this is much simpler. Final cut 4 introduced LiveType which was a new text titles program.

LiveType makes it possible to install any fonts and use them to create amazing titles. This can also be used to create animated fonts and various graphical effects.

Step 1: Getting to Know LiveType

To install and use fonts with Final Cut Pro, you will first need to get to know LiveType. This is a fairly simple program which has four areas of interest: the canvas, the media browser, the timeline and the inspector. It actually works in a similar way to the main Final Cut Pro studio.

Step 2: Installing or Choosing Fonts

Now look in the Media Browser window. This stores all of the effects, backgrounds and fonts which can be used. New ones can be installed by clicking the appropriate button under the media browser and following the directions.

LiveFonts are also included which are an animated type of font. These letters are sketched onto the screen as if someone was writing them. Other animated fonts look like the letters are made from clay, and another one looks like the letters are growing plants.

Extra live fonts are included on the Final Cut Pro DVD. These must be installed before they can be used. This is easiest to do by clicking tools and updating fonts.

Step 3: Animating Fonts

Once you have chosen your font, it's then time to animate it. If you're using a live font then animation will already be included. Otherwise, there are a number of animation options which can be selected and adjusted. These can completely change the look and feel of your text and make the project look more professional.

Step 4: Choosing the Background

The background can be chosen for your titles page by clicking on the Objects tab. There are a number of different motion backgrounds which can be applied and also some static ones.

Step 5: The Timeline

The text application has a timeline section exactly like Final Cut Pro. It's possible to move the play head to different points in the timeline. Press space if you want to preview the video in real time, or simply drag the play head to preview it in slow motion.

Step 6: Rendering Text

Before you are able to import your text titles page into Final Cut Pro, it will first need to be rendered. To do this click File, Render and choose somewhere to save the file. The software will then render the title text as a mov file. Preview the video to make sure it's correct and then close the software.

Step 7: Importing

Now use Final Cut Pro to import the text movie by clicking File, Open. Choose the file you just created, and it will then be imported into FCP.

Step 8: Adjustments

When the text title video has been imported, you will probably need to need to adjust it. Move the position of the text and the speed of the clip if required.

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