Final Cut Pro: Tips for Using the Transition Editor

Final Cut Pro allows you to easily create transitions between clips on the Timeline. However, if you need to create custom settings for your transitions or make precision changes, you'll need to use the transition editor. The transition editor also allows you to create custom settings for transitions that you use a lot and save them as a custom transition. The transition editor in Final Cut Pro is an extremely powerful tool - especially when you know how to use it effectively. So, here are a few tips on how to get the most use out of the transition editor in Final Cut Pro.

Change Duration of Your Favorite Transitions

If you're not satisfied with the length of certain transitions in Final Cut Pro, and prefer to set a custom time length for transitions you use frequently, you can easily change the duration of them in the transition editor. In order to do this, go to the effects tab on your browser window. A special tab made only for transitions will open up in your viewer. Then, change the duration of the transition by entering a new value in the timecode duration field. Next, give the new custom transition a new name and store it in your favorite transitions folder. Afterwards, you will no longer have to change the duration of the transition, and you'll be able to simply drag and drop it into your timeline between clips.

Use Alpha Transitions to Promote Your Brand or Logo

You can also use the transition editor to apply powerful Alpha transitions that are wipes that allow you to use animated media assets. With an alpha transition, you are able to easily create very complex transitions that you reuse over and over. A very effective way to remind viewers of where the video was made is to add a logo or other prominent image that wipes across the screen as the video transitions from scene to scene. With Final Cut Pro, this is easy to do.

To create an alpha transition in the transition editor, click on the transition you want to edit and then choose the transition icon and choose the 'View | Transition Editor' option. You can then add media elements to the alpha transition to make it your own.

Use Transitions Sparingly

Although transitions can add really cool effects to your videos, don't use too many. If you add too many transitions, it can distract viewers and take away from the importance of your video content. Use transitions between key sequences to draw the viewers attention.

Add Transitions in an Instance

If you have already set up a custom default transition, or want to use the standard wipe in Final Cut Pro, you can quickly add the transition between two clips. To do this, right-click between the two clips and select 'Add Default Transition'. This method is much faster than dragging a transition from the 'Effects' tab.

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