Final Cut Pro Third-Party Video Filters: Plug-in Formats Supported

With so many editing and post production programs, along with the thousands of video filters that exist in these programs, it's only natural that some companies would allow their programs to become compatible with other programs. This has become the case with Final Cut Pro, one of the industries leading editing programs that has been increasing it's market share since it's debut. The ability to use third party video filters means that users can create cutting edge videos that stand out from the competition. 

Boris FX

Boris is a company that designs video effects filters. They make a variety of programs that one can use with Final Cut. Final Effects Complete offers users a comprehensive collection of effects that one can easily add to their projects. Boris also has specialized programs, like Graffiti, for creating and animating text. Red allows you to quickly add 3D and compositing effects, while FX allows you to add more video effects to your projects. Boris also makes XML Transfer, a program that allows you to transfer Final Cut Pro sequences into Adobe After Effects so you can easily work with your projects there.

GenArts Sapphire

GenArts creates several programs that you can use to enhance your video effects. Sapphire Lighting allows you to add state of the art lighting and glow effects to your videos, while Stylize offers a ton of plug in stylizing effects like paint, kaleidoscope, mosaics, film effects like dust and scratches, embossing and much more. Other Sapphire programs allow you to control the blur and distortion of effects. You can also warp the play back of your videos. You're also able to use plug in transitions to make the video extremely dynamic. 

The Foundry

The Foundry produces academy award winning software that you can use for compositing. These can be used for everyday compositing as well as advanced effects.

Noise Industries

Noise Industries makes a few programs which can be plugged into Final Cut Pro. The filters offered allow you to give your video a film look, easily pan and scan across a still image, alter the lighting, create dynamic 3D animations and much, much more. 


CHV is another leader in video filter effects that can be used in Final Cut. You can buy the entire bundle of effects, or you can purchase them a la carte. They offer 3D animator, lighting effects, video stabilization, noise and damaged video repair, dust and scratches, and much more.

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