Final Cut Pro: The Connection Between Clips and Media Files

If you are just beginning to use Final Cut Pro, then one of the most important things that you can learn is the connection between clips in your browser, and the media files to which they are connected. Final Cut Pro offers a number of different ways in which you can transfer your saved media files onto the computer, and then onto the editing software. However, a media file does not just contain one clip, or even a few; it can contain many hundreds of clips, and you need to know how to organize these clips without messing up your project.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Computer
  • Media File
  • Clips

Step 1: Uploading Your Media File

Many people who use video software on a regular basis prefer to save their work  in a secondary hard drive in order to keep their main computer free of large video files. If you want to do this, then when you come to use the media files, you will need to transfer the film that you want from the second hard drive to the computer that contains the software. This will get easier with time and practice. Upload the file that you want into Final Cut Pro, and then open it up into the browser and viewer windows. You will then be able to see the entirety of the film.

Step 2: Converting from Media File to Clip

You will want to convert your whole film into a series of clips, which you can work upon in more detail, and which will make your system more easy to handle. It is a good idea to think of the media file as the basic mound of wool from which you will take various threads to make the clip. Set out the media file in the browser window, and when you get to a part you want to edit, use the IN Marker at the beginning of the frame. Scroll around until you come to the end of the clips you want to use, and then place an Out Marker at the end of the final frame of that piece. Highlight the portion of the film between the markers.

Step 3: Moving the Clip

Now you have highlighted the clip that you want to edit, pick it up using the mouse pointer, and move it into the viewer window. You will then be able to work on it until you are satisfied that the clip is well-edited. You will then want to move the clip back into the film.

Step 4: Converting from Clip to Movie File

Take your newly edited clip, and pick it up using the mouse pointer. Carry it over to the timeline. You will see the point in the movie where you took the clip from originally. You can either place the movie into the timeline by inserting it, which moves the frames in the file out of the way without removing them, or you can Overwrite, which places the clip onto the film over the frames which you indicate.

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