Final Cut Pro: The Basics of Manipulating Images in the Canvas

Adding images to the canvas in Final Cut Pro is a great way to add them to your project. By doing this, it's also possible to manipulate them and change how they look. Manipulating images while they are on the canvas makes it possible to edit them without needing to edit them in an external application and then importing them again.

Manipulating your images on your canvas is very simple and can be completed in a few simple steps. This makes it very simple to manipulate your images.

Step 1: Importing the Images

The first thing that you need to do is import the images into your project. This is very easy and is simply a matter of clicking the Import button. Select the images, and they will then be imported into the assets list of your project. It's then possible to drag the images down onto the timeline to select where they will be displayed.

Step 2: Selecting Images

Select the images that you want to manipulate by clicking on them. Clicking on one of the images will make handles appear which can then be used to adjust the image and change the look of it. If you want to deselect another image, then you simply need to click off it and click on another one to select another one.

Step 3: Center Handle

The center handle is positioned in the middle of the canvas. This can be used to click and drag the image on the canvas. This can be used to move the image around the canvas and change where it is. This can change the position of the image on the canvas and can be used to animate it.

Step 4: Rotating Images

The handles in the middle of the lengths around the rectangle are the rotational handles. Click and drag one of these handles to rotate the image on the canvas.

Step 5: Distort

The handles positioned in the corners of the image box are used to scale and distort the image. Click and drag one of these points to adjust the size of the image.

Step 6: Cropping

Use the crop handles to cut part of the image off by dragging until the part of the image you want to remove is cut off. If you ever make any mistakes with this, you can click on Edit, Undo to undo all of the changes.

Step 7: Crop and Distort

There are also crop and distort tools which can be found in the tools palette. These make it possible to adjust the images on the canvas. The crop tool can be used to crop part of the image. This can be selected by pressing C on the keyboard or clicking in the tools palette.

The distort tool is useful as it makes it possible to independently adjust the size of each point. This makes it possible to distort the image and give it some perspective.

Final Cut Pro is a very powerful piece of software, which makes distorting and editing images very simple.

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