Final Cut Pro: Stereo Pairs

If you want to use music in Final Cut Pro, then you may be well advised to change the solution from mono to stereo pairs. You will be able to move from mono audio to stereo quickly. If you have accidentally saved your auto files in mono, you will have to switch the stereo pairs. You can then move between the two different types of audio manipulation depending upon whether you want to make the sound come from one speaker or both. If you are planning to use stereo pairs technology on your movie, then you may need to know a little bit about how to do this before you begin practicing on your valuable media files.

Making a Stereo Pair

You can easily make a stereo pair on your audio equipment by performing a few simple tricks with the computer. The first trick will involve taking all of the clips that you wish to use the stereo sound on, and layering them. The clips should be synchronized using the timeline so that they are all running at the same time when you come to start the sound technology. Once the clips are synced, select two of your mono audio tracks by pressing the command key at the same time as you click upon the tracks. You will then see a dialogue box, with the modify capacity options. Open up the stereo pair options of your modify box. You will then have paired the tracks, so that you have double the sound. The tracks will be adjusted to fit each other, and you will also see the stereo pair indicators along the clip line.

Why Keep Mono?

Once you have been able to use the stereo pairing system for your clips, you may wonder why the mono option is there at all. In fact, the Final Cut Pro system has to mix and change the files in mono before they can be effectively saved. If you tried to change your stereo files together, the system would not be able to cope, and you may damage both of your pieces of equipment. Most Final Cut Pro systems also cannot display more than mono in their editing suites, so you will not be able to see both pieces of audio as you edit them. In order to get the best from your sound system, you will have to import all of your tracks in mono, and then change them to stereo using the system described above.

Using a Stereo Pair

You can use a stereo pair as often as you like in your system, so long as you do not forget to properly layer the clips before you add the stereo pair to them. There are a number of things that you can do to the stereo pair, including stretching out the sound, but you will need to ensure that the clips you are using are not damaged by this before you proceed.

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