Final Cut Pro: Setting Sequence In and Out Points in the Canvas or Timeline

When you are working on your film in Final Cut Pro, you may come across a situation where you need to amend a clip in the timeline or Canvas window. The Canvas displays the timeline's contents, so you can easily add clips to this portion of the software by dragging it there. However, if you want to then alter the clips, or move them around, then you will need to add an In or Out point to the clip. These are also useful when you are making sequences, which can be moved around each other or transitioned. In order to use these parts of the software to its best effect, you need to know how to use the In and Out clips in this window.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro Software
  • Computer
  • Film file

Step 1: Move Your Film

You should be able to upload your film file to the Final Cut Pro big window as instructed during the tutorial. Once it is there, and you have a separate, saved copy on your harddrive, highlight the frames that you want to edit. This clip can then be picked up and moved to where ever you want, from the viewer to the Canvas or timeline. You should first take your clip over to the viewer, where you will be able to add the In and Out points.

Step 2: In and Out Points

Inside the Viewer window, open up your clip to the point in the frames that you want to edit. You can do this by moving the playhead along the timeline until you get to the required point. Once there, press I for in. This will place an In point at your chosen location, and you should see an arrow mark where that place is in the frame. Repeat this process for where you want the frame to stop.

Step 3: Take to Canvas

Once you have saved the in and out points to the frame, you can drag the clip over to the Canvas window. You will then be offered a series of options, including Insert and Overwrite. The more you use these options, the more controlled your final clip will be, but you don't need to use them on every single frame of the film. Instead, lift the frame onto either Insert or Overwrite, and you will see a mark on the Timeline. Repeat until all the shots are cut together.

Step 4: Sequencing

You should now have a series of clips, held together by the In and Out points that you added earlier. You can use these points to look at any part of the sequence that you wish to. Check that you have the clips in the correct location, and then add the whole thing back into the file that you have in the browser. You should now have a single clip which plays in the film just like any other series of frames.

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