Final Cut Pro: Selecting Fonts and Creating Line Art for Video

In Final Cut Pro, you can select a font or create line art that you can use for a broadcast video image. However, it is important to remember that you should avoid creating any horizontal single-pixel lines. You should also not use fonts that are too thin.

Step 1: Installing Fonts

You can install special fonts in Final Cut Pro that you want to use. To do this, you need to install the TrueType version of the fonts for them to be used in Final Cut Pro.

Step 2: Choosing the Appropriate Fonts

There are certain guidelines you need to follow when choosing fonts to have good looking title fonts in your video. It is advisable not to use fonts that are smaller than 25 points. Also, avoid using fonts that are too thin. It is recommended that you use fonts that are only sans serif. These fonts include Impact, Gill Sans, Futura, Arial and Helvetica.

Step 3: Choosing the Font Style

Aside from choosing the appropriate font to have a good looking title font in your video, it is also important that you use the correct font style. Using the bold style can also help create a much better looking title. You should also reduce the opacity of your font to 90%.

Step 4: Choosing the Font Color

There are numerous font colors that you can choose from in Final Cut Pro, so using black or white font color is not advisable. This can also affect the quality of your title font.

Step 5: Using the Text Generators

There is a wide variety of Text Generators in Final Cut Pro that you can manipulate to change the look of your font or title font. You can also customize each of these text generators by using its control tabs. Some text generators are: crawl, lower 3rd, outline text, text, typewriter and scrolling text.

The Crawl Text Generator generates a single line that moves horizontally across the screen. Once you have chosen your font and placed it on the text entry field, all you need to do is choose the Crawl in the Text Generator menu to animate the text. With this text generator, you can also adjust the spacing of the entire text by using the spacing slider.

Outline Text, on the other hand, is a type of Text Generator in Final Cut Pro that generates a static text with an outline. Instead of a solid color, this type of Text Generator allows you to fill the text or the outline with an image. You can do this by using the Text Graphic and Line Graphic clip.

You can also use the Scrolling Text to create a different effect on your font. This Text Generator allows your text to scroll up your screen. It features the Indent slider, but this can only work with left or right aligned text. The Indent slider can also move the entire text scrolling down to the right or to the left.

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