Final Cut Pro Multiclip Editing: Switching and Cutting Between Angles

Final Cut Pro allows you to work seamlessly with multiclip angles in the Timeline or Viewer. You use 'Switching' to change the active angle in a multiclip without creating an edit in the Viewer or Timeline, and use 'Cutting' to apply edits and change the active angle. When you use the Cutting option, you can instantly see edit results in the Timeline. If you cut from one angle into another, the Timeline is updated with two multiclips - before and after the cut point. While Switching and Cutting may seem confusing at first, it is really not that difficult. This how-to guide will show you what you need to know.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Final Cut Pro installed
  • Footage with multiclip angles to edit

Step 1: Switch the Active Multiclip Angle in the Viewer

First, select a multiclip in your Browser or Timeline and double-click on it in order to open it in your Viewer. Then, you can click on an angle to make it active in the Viewer, or choose a video or audio angle by using the Playhead Sync pop-up menu in the Viewer.

Step 2: Switch the Active Multiclip Angle in the Timeline

On the Timeline, control click a multiclip. Then, choose the active angle from the shortcut menu and choose one of the angles in the submenu. You can make switching angles in the Timeline faster by setting up keyboard shortcuts. In order to assign a keyboard shortcut to switch video angles, look in System Settings.

Step 3: Cut a Multiclip Angle

In your event Browser, locate the sequence containing multiclips that you want to open, and then double-click the sequence to open it in your Timeline and Canvas. Locate the button in the button bar that represents the angle that you want to cut to. Then, click that button to cut to that angle. This will create an edit in the multiclip at the current playhead location in your Timeline. The multiclip will then be separated into two different multiclips.

Step 4: Use the Viewer to Make Real-Time Multiclip Cuts

Double-click the sequence in the event Browser that contains a multiclip you want to open in the Timeline or Canvas. Then, use the Real-Time pop-up menu in the Timeline to enable the Multiclip Playback option.

Press the spacebar to begin playing the sequence. All of the angles in your Viewer will play at the same time, and the active angle will playback in the Canvas. Choose the angle in the Viewer that you want to cut to and click it. The angle will now become the active angle. You can make additional cuts by clicking other angles in the Viewer. Once you're finished making cuts, press the spacebar and playback will be stopped. Cuts will then be added to your multiclip in the Timeline.

Step 5: Switch or Cut Only the Audio or Video of the Active Multiclip Angle

With Final Cut Pro, you can also choose to switch or cut only the audio or video portion of the active multiclip angle. In order to do this, locate a multiclip in your Browser and double-click it to open it in the Viewer. Next, go to view 'Multiclip Active Tasks' and choose either the Video or Audio option. If you choose the video option, a blue outline will highlight the active video angle. Likewise, if you choose the audio option, the active angle will be highlighted with a green outline.

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