Final Cut Pro: How To Use the Speed Parameter in the Motion Tab

Adjusting the speed parameter in Final Cut Pro can have interesting effects on your project. This can change the speed of which certain things happen. By adjusting the speed parameters in the motion tab, it's possible to change the speed at which certain elements move within your project.

Adjusting the speed in Final Cut Pro is very simple. This also has a major affect on the look and feel of your finished video when it is created.

Step 1: Adjustments in the Motion Tab

There are a number of different speed adjustment techniques, which make it possible to adjust the speed of the clip. However, it's also possible to adjust the speed of clips by using the motion tab in the viewer.

By adjusting the speed in this way, it's possible to adjust the transitions between key frames by smoothing them.

Step 2: Adding Speed Key frames

Adding a speed key frame is very easy. Click the clip in the viewer to open it up and then select the motion tab. It's then possible to hold down option and click anywhere on the key frame graph to create a new speed key frame.

Another option is to choose the pen tool from the palette, and then click somewhere on the line to set another key frame.

Step 3: Adjusting Speed % Field

The Speed % field is displayed in the bottom of the motion tab. This shows the percentage of the speed that the clip plays back at; 100% means normal speed. It can be adjusted as much as you like to change the entire speed of the clip. Using key frames will make it possible to see the speed at that point.

Any adjustments to the Speed % field will also adjust the key frame graph in the motion tabs.

Step 4: Adjusting Speed Key frame Graph

There is also a speed key frame graph area. This makes it possible to easily adjust the speeds of key frames. It is also possible to use this to adjust the transitions between different clips. Using smoothed key frames and bezier handles will make it possible to smooth out key frames.

Step 5: Using the Graph

The graph is very easy to use once you get used to it. However, at first it can be confusing. the Y axis (vertical) shows the frame numbers in the media. The Y axis will contain all of the frames in your project.

The X axis on the other hand displays the time that the clip stays on the screen for. It's also possible to adjust the clips speed so that it is negative speed. This will cause the timeline to run backwards. A negative speed will be seen as a negative slope.

Using Final Cut Pro is a very simple way to create professional looking DVD videos which contain lots of great features. The speed parameters in the motion tab also make it very easy to make changes between transitions and affect how the finished project will look.

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