Final Cut Pro: How To Use Favorite Filters and Transitions

Final Cut Pro comes with a ton of video effect filters and transitions. You might find yourself using some filters and transitions a lot more than you use the others. Rather than having to keep navigating through Final Cut to get to these, you can easily save them into a 'Favorites Bin' under the 'Effects Tab' so that they can be easily accessed. Adding your favorite effects to this bin is extremely easy.

Step 1: Include the Effect on the Timeline

If the effect you're working with is one of your favorites, then it is probably already on the timeline inside the project that you are editing. If not, then you need to add it. Once you've located the effect, you should double click it to load it into the viewer. 

Step 2: Make the Effect a Favorite

Once the effect or transition is in the viewer, choose 'Effect'-> 'Make Favorite Effect' or use the keyboard short cut 'Option' + 'F'.

Step 3: Check that It's There

Once you have saved the effect as a favorite, go into the 'Effects Tab' and check on the 'Favorite's Bin' to make sure that it has been saved. If you like, you can renamed the filter or transition to something that might be more recognizable to you. 

Step 4: Add It to the Project

All you have to do to add your favorites to the project is to click on the transition or filter in the bin and drag it onto the clip you wish to apply it to. 

Step 5: Make Multiple Effects One Favorite

Probably the most useful function for the Favorite's Bin is the ability to save multiple effects as one Favorite. For example, if you have five filters applied to a clip to give it a unique look, then you can save yourself time by saving them as one favorite.

Simply double click the clip so the effects load into the viewer. Make sure that every filter has a check mark next to it and then go to 'Effects'-> 'Make Favorite' or use the key board short cut 'Option' + 'J'. 

A filter pack is created with a file icon next to it. If you double click on the file, you will see the filters that are inside. Rename the file. If you want to apply those five filters at once to another clip, all you need to do is drag the filter pack onto the clip.

You can also add the individual filters within the pack if you don't want to add all of them.

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