Final Cut Pro: How To Synchronize Playheads

In order to get the best from your clips when you are sequencing them in Final Cut Pro, you will need to work out how to synchronize the movement of the playheads so that each of the clips are moving in real time. It is a good idea to synchronize the playheads when working with clips in Final Cut Pro, as this allows you to make quicker adjustments to the clips. You can also use the playheads to allow you to perform multi-editing tasks on your clips. Syncing your playheads is not too difficult, and you should be able to manage to do this if you have some basic computer and Final Cut Pro skills.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Computer
  • Movie Files

Step 1: Getting Your Clips in Order

Before you can start to synchronize your clips, you will need to place them together using the nesting process. This will allow you to create a lump of sequence clips, so you can then edit it all at once. Final Cut Pro has a number of ways in which you can create the synchronization, but in order to do this, you will have to have them together in one location (otherwise the process will not work).

Step 2: Using the Sync On/Off Button

Click on the playhead, and you should see a series of options appear. The first option is the default, Sync Off, which means that the playhead synchronization is disabled. You can change this by using one of the other options available to you. There are two more options. One is Open, which allows you to open the sequence clip (which is below the timeline playhead), and places it in the viewer. Both timelines are then synchronized. You can also use the Gang button, which arbitrarily syncs the playhead with any part of the sequence in the timeline. You create a new relationship between the clips in the viewer and the timeline. This is useful for things such as color correction, where you open the playhead, sync it, and then move from clip to clip, changing the color sequence as you go.

Step 3: Using the Synchonization

Synchronizing your timelines can allow you to cut down on items in the browser. Open up a clip in browser, and then move the playhead in the viewer to a suitable location. Move the canvas playhead to the same location, and choose Gang from one of these playheads. You can then move the playhead in timeline window to the last clip in the sequence, and the Viewer will move to the same. This will allow you to trim off a number of markers from the Browser.

Step 4: Syncing Your Playheads

The best way to manage syncing is to use the Shift-O method, which will allow you to manipulate the playhead to the place where you want it to begin syncing. Once you are there, click on the playhead to open up the options.

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