Final Cut Pro: How To Set Up Your Computer to Record Voiceover

Final Cut Pro allows you to set up your computer to record voiceover. You can set up your personal computer that is located in your home, or you can set up a portable computer, such as a laptop, to record in the field. This guideline will go over the 5 steps needed to set up your computer to record voiceover in Final Cut Pro.

Step 1: Audio Interface

Examples of audio interfaces include a USB audio device, the built in audio port on your computer, and a PCI audio card. If your digital video camcorder is compatible, you can also use the FireWire port on your computer. Before you try to use any audio interface, you must first make sure that it is compatible with the Mac operating system. When you have connected a recording device, Final Cut Pro will automatically recognize it.

Step 2: Connecting a Microphone

You will need to plug a microphone into the audio interface that you are using. If you need to purchase a microphone, make sure that it is compatible with the audio interface that you intend on using. The audio interface that you are using may or may not have a built in microphone preamplifier. If your device does not have a microphone preamplifier, you will need to install one separately.

Step 3: Opening the Voice Over Tool

Now that you have installed and/or connected the equipment that you will use for voiceover, you need to set up the Voice Over tool in Final Cut Pro to work with your devices. With Final Cut Pro open, go to Tools and select Voice Over. The Source pop-up menu will appear. Select your audio interface from that menu, and then select the input on your audio interface that you have connected your microphone to. You will then need to select a sequence sample rate.

Step 4: Selecting an Audio Track and Duration

The fourth step in setting up your computer to record voiceover is to select an audio track and duration for your voiceover. You will need to open the Browser to do this. With the Browser open and active, open the sequence that you wish to add a voiceover to. You will need to set In and Out points to let Final Cut Pro know where you want the voiceover to begin and end.

Step 5: Audio Interface Offset

You want your audio to record in sync with your sequence, so you need to set up the offset for your audio interface. To do this, open the Timeline. Set your In point at 10 seconds and your Out point at 20 seconds. Hold your microphone up to the speakers you have connected to your computer. Go to Tools, then Voice Over, then Record. Once your clip is recorded, move the Timeline playhead to play the last 2 seconds of audio that was recorded after the Out point. You will need to compare the audio waveforms of the first and last frame. If you notice a difference, add the number of frames to the offset that you have already selected. Once that is done, plug in your headphones and you will be ready to start recording.

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