Final Cut Pro: How To Set Proper Audio Levels

Final Cut Pro is a useful video editing application, which makes adjusting the audio levels very easy. The audio levels are the volume of the audio tracks which are used in your project. These can be reduced, increased or even adjusted throughout the course of the playback.

When you first start using Final Cut Pro, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the audio level options. Adjusting the audio levels properly can make your project look much more professional.

Step 1: Selecting the Audio

Start by clicking the clip overlay button. The Clip overlay button can be found at the lower left hand side of the timeline. This displays a pink line on each of your audio tracks. This shows the current level of the audio tracks.

Step 2: Adjusting Audio Levels

Adjusting audio levels is as simple as clicking and dragging the line up or down. The higher the line is, the louder it will be. If you drag it down, then it will be quieter.

If you're working with a project which uses stereo music clips, then both of the tracks will be adjusted by the same amount. This is because the stereo has two tracks which are a pair.

Step 3: Making Individual Adjustments

Clicking and dragging the audio line will adjust the level for the entire audio track. It is however possible to hold down the option key and then click and drag the points on the line.

By doing this, it's possible to make more precise adjustments by creating new key frames. With key frames added, it's then possible to adjust the audio clip sections to different levels throughout the clip.

Audio levels can be changed between key frames. It's possible to delete any key frames that you don't want by holding down option and clicking on one of the key frames which already exists.

Step 4: Adjusting Multiple Clips

It's possible to adjust several audio clips in your project by the same amount by highlighting all of the clips you want to adjust. Then use control + and - to adjust them all. This will move the audio levels by 1 dB at a time.

Step 5: Working with Stereo Tracks

If you are working with stereo audio, then this will be represented by two small triangles on the clip. If it's stereo, then the audio levels will always move at the same rate. It is possible to avoid this by unlocking the stereo clips.

To do this, select the clip and click Modify, Stereo Pair. This will unlink the stereo track and make it possible to adjust the levels of each of them independently.

Step 6: Normalizing

Another thing that you can do to adjust audio levels in Final Cut Pro is use normalization gain. This will normalize all of the audio in your project so that its not too loud or too quiet. To apply this, click Modify, Audio, Apply Normalisation Gain. This does nothing to the audio tracks but does apply a filter to normalize the volume. This can be very useful for some projects.

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