Final Cut Pro: How To Prepare Clips to Be Used as Multiclip Angles

The function of the multiclip is to allow you to look at a series of small films, all happening at the same time, rather than a single large film which takes up the whole of the screen. Multiclips are one way to combine a series of images to produce something interesting, amusing or noteworthy. Using the multiclip system will also make your movie look more professional in the long run. In order to prepare the clips for combining, you will need to have some basic software, and a number of movie clips that you wish to combine.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro Software
  • Computer
  • Movie files

Step 1: Capture Your Movies

Before you begin combining your images, you will need to make sure that everything you want to use is completely digitized. This should include not only all of the parts that you want to show, but the entire length of all of the movies. This will make it easier to extract the portions that you want later on. When you are saving your movies, ensure that all of the separate clips are saved together in the same folder, so that you can easily locate them when you are looking for them later on.

Step 2: Use Timelocked Cameras

The best way to use multiclip is to use two timecode locked cameras, or even more. You can group the clips together using a particular feature that appears in all of the clips, for example a particular image, or an audio feature such as a cough or the beginning of music. When you have all of these feature together, you should be able to use it to create a continuous focal point for all of your images, which will help when you wish to combine them later.

Step 3: Make a Point

Put the first clip that you want to use into the Final Cut Pro, and from there, drag it to the Viewer window. You should then locate that mark which you have just noted, and ensure that it is present on all of the clips. If you have used timelocked cameras, then find a simple timecode which can be used as the basis of all of your work. Use your In Marker to mark this point in the film. Repeat this for all of the other clips that you intend to use.

Step 4: Group the Clips

Once you have marked all of the clips in this way, you will then need to collect the clips together. Select all of the clips that you have placed the In marker upon, and enter the Modify tab. Select the button saying Make Multiclip, and press it. You should now have a single multiclip version of all of the different camera angles which you have marked. Once you have pressed the Make multiclip button, you will be asked how you want to group the clips. Select the In points if you have used that, or one of the other options if not.

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