Final Cut Pro: How To Get Clip Items Back in Sync

With Final Cut pro, there are several ways to get items back in sync if they have been mistakenly moved in the timeline or otherwise fell out of sync. In fact, getting items back in sync with Final Cut Pro is an easy process, and this simple how-to guide will show you everything you need to know.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Final Cut Pro installed
  • A video project opened with clip items that I sync

Step 1: Using the Move Into Sync Command

On the timeline, control click the out of sync clip item's Out of Sync Indicator. Next, choose Move Into Sync from the shortcut menu that pops up.

Step 2: Using Negative Timecode Offset to Move the Out of Sync Item

You can also select the clip item that is out of sync and use a negative timecode offset value to resync the clip item. To do this, click on the item and then type the negative timecode offset value, which you should see in the out of sync indicator. Then, press 'Return'. For instance, if your clip item's out of sync indicator shows you a duration of 3:54, then you would select that item and type "-3:54". This would then move the out of sync item back three minutes and 54 seconds, which should resync it with the anchor item to which it is linked.

Step 3: Slip the Clip Item into Sync

Slipping a linked item into sync is an operation that leaves the clip that is out of sync in the same position in the sequence. However, the operation slips the in and out points for that item so that the item is re-synced with the appropriate audio or video item that is linked to. In order to slip an item back into sync, control click the out of sync indicator for the clip item on the timeline. Then, select the Slip In Sync Option from the shortcut menu.

Step 4: Use the Slip Tool

You can also use the Slip Tool from the tool palette to slip out of sync clips back into sync on your timeline. To do this, choose the slip tool from the tool palette, or press the 'S' key. If the link selection you want to re-sync is on the timeline, you can click the link selection button to turn it off. Next, choose the clip item that you want to resync and then type the negative timecode offset which appears on the out of sync indicator. Then, press 'Return'. This operation is virtually identical to the operation in step two of this article in that you would simply type a negative indicator before the duration of the out of sync length.

Step 5: Move All Out of Sync Clip Items at Once

If you have multiple audio items that are out of sync by varying amounts from the clips that they are anchored to, you can also resync all of the items at once. To do this, control click the out of sync indicator on the anchor clip item. You can do this either for a single video item or a group of linked items. Next, choose Move Others Into Sync from the shortcut menu that pops up.

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