Final Cut Pro: How To Do Stereo Pan with the Audio Mixer

The audio mixer in Final Cut Pro is cable of stereo panning that allows you to control the clip items within the tracks of your audio. To do a stereo pan in Final Cut Pro, you need to use the panning sliders in Audio Mixer.

Step 1: Checking the Pan Keyframes

The first step to adjusting or doing a stereo pan in Audio Mixer is to check if the clip you will be working with has any pan keyframes being used. This is to ensure that you will be able to make the necessary panning adjustments.

Step 2: Record Audio Keyframes

Once you have checked that there are no pan keyframes being used on your clip, check to see that the Record Audio Keyframes tab in Final Cut Pro is not selected. This can be found at the top of the Mixer in the button bar.

Step 3: Position the Playhead

Position the playhead making sure that it is over the audio clip that you want to change. This should be done in the Timeline of the Audio Mixer.

Step 4: Using the Panning Slider

Once the playhead is in position, drag the panning slider of the audio track clip. In Final Cut Pro, dragging the panning slider to the left will pan the audio of the clip increasingly to the left channel. On the other hand, dragging the panning slider to the right will pan the audio of the clip increasingly to the right channel.

Step 5: Resetting the Panning Slider

If you want to reset the panning slider in Audio Mixer of Final Cut Pro, just hold down the Option key and then click the panning slider that you want to reset.

Step 6: Resetting All Panning Sliders

You can also reset the entire panning sliders in Final Cut Pro's Audio Mixer. To do this, go to the top of any audio track's track strip. Control-click at the top of the track strip and then choose Reset All Panners. The Reset All Panners button will be located at the shortcut menu of the Mixer.

Step 7: Changing the Stereo Pan in the Viewer

Changing the stereo pan in the Viewer allows you to adjust the stereo placement of the sound of your clip. There are 2 modes in the Pan slider. The action of the control of the Pan slider will depend on the type of audio you opened in the Viewer.

If the audio clip you opened in the Viewer is a stereo pair, then the Pan slider will allow you swap the right and left channels. The slider has a default setting of -1 which will send the right audio channel to the right output channel while the left audio channel to the left output channel.

On the other hand, a +1 setting on the slider will swap the 2 channels while a 0 setting outputs the right and left channels equally to both speakers. This will create a mono mix.

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