Final Cut Pro: How To Disable Tracks During Playback and Why Do It?

When editing video in Final Cut Pro, there are times that you will find it advantageous to disable clips or tracks during playback. Temporarily disabling a track will allow you to fine tune a sequence or experiment with various effects in your clips or tracks. By temporarily disabling a clip or track during playback, you can easily compare how the footage will play with or without certain clips. Final Cut Pro makes it easy to exclude a clip from playback without deleting it. You will find it a very useful tool when editing, and this simple how-to guide will show you how to do it.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with final cut Pro installed
  • Video footage to edit

Step 1: Temporarily Disable a Single Clip

In order to temporarily disable a single clip or track, select the clip using one of the selection tools in Final Cut Pro. Then, choose 'Modify | Clip Enable' so that the menu option is no longer selected. By disabling the Clip Enable option, you are effectively disabling the clip that so that it won't be viewed during playback. Alternatively, you can control click and select the clip and then choose the clip enable option from the pop-up shortcut menu. Once you disable the clip, you will notice that it is dimmed in your timeline and that the clip enable menu item is also deselected. You can disable as many clips at the same time as you want.

Step 2: Selectively Disable a Clip's Audio or Video Track

Likewise, you can also disable only the audio or video track within a clip. To do this, turn off a linked selection and then select audio or video items in the timeline that you want to temporarily disable. You can temporarily turn off linked selections by holding down the option key and then selecting audio and video items using one of the selection tools. After you've turned off a linked selection, go to 'Modify | Clip Enable' so that the menu item is no longer selected. Also, you can control click on the selected clips and choose the Clip Enable option from the pop-up shortcut menu. Again, disabled audio or video items in your clips will also appear dimmed in the timeline. Although the audio or video tracks are disabled, the linked items are not; therefore, they are not dimmed out in the timeline.

Step 3: Previewing a Solo Clip in a Multitrack Sequence

If you are working with multiple tracks, there may be times when you want to preview only a single track within the sequence. Therefore, you'll need to temporarily disable tracks before and after the track you want to demo. You can do this by these disabling all of selected clips in your timeline. In short, any clips that overlap the solo clip you want to demo are excluded from playback. To do this, go to the timeline and position the playhead on top of the clip you want to demo. Then, select that clip and choose 'Sequences | Solo Selected Item', or press the control and 'S' keys simultaneously. Any other tracks that overlap the selected clip will be temporarily disabled. Then, position the playhead in the timeline and play the track you want to demo.

Step 4: Re-enable Disabled Clips

To re-enable clips that are disabled in the timeline, select them and then choose 'Modify | Clip Enable'.

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