Final Cut Pro: How To Change the Duration of Still Images

If you're editing a project that involves still images, such as a documentary, then you're more than likely to have still images in your timeline. And, because good editing is all about good timing, you're going to want to change the duration of time that the still image appears on screen for. There are a few ways to accomplish this. Here's how:

Change the Duration of All the Clips You Import

By default, every time you add a still image to your timeline, the duration is going to be 10 seconds. You can change this value if you desire to.

Go to 'Final Cut Pro'-> 'User Preferences'. Choose the 'Editing Tab' and type a new value into the 'Still/Freeze Duration Field'.

Changing the Duration of Individual Clips

You're going to want to change the duration of individual images that will accompany voice over so that the lengths match. Your video will look very amateurish if the narrator stops speaking, but the image remains on screen for 10 seconds while nothing happens. Likewise, you don't want the image to change while the narrator is still speaking about it either. Good editing is all about good timing, and you're going to need to adjust the length of every still image in your project to make sure the timing is right.

There are several ways to accomplish this. One is to double click and duration column in the Browser window. This will allow you to enter a new duration for your still image.

You can also choose the clip you wish to edit in the browser. Click 'Edit'-> 'Item Properties'. Chose the 'Timing' tab and enter in a new value.

Probably the most simplest way to change a still images duration is to add it to the timeline and then place the curser at the end of the clip. You can then click and drag the curser to adjust the duration of the clip to make it longer or shorter.

Things to Remember

You need to be very careful when changing a still image's duration because you do not want to accidentally shorten the next clip's length because your still image spilled over it. Make sure that nothing will be in the way of your still image's way because if you accidentally drag the clip over another clip, then the previous clip will be gone.

You also don't want to shorten a clip and have blank space between clips. It looks bad and messes up the flow of your work.

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