Final Cut Pro: Editing with Multiclips in Real Time

Final Cut Pro allows you to edit multiclips in real time with the 'Multiclip Playback' feature. With this feature, you can switch and cut multiclip angles instantly and in real time. Enabling the Multiclip Playback option will allow you to watch all of your multistep angles simultaneously in Final Cut Pro's Viewer, and also let you see the results of switching and cutting angles in your Canvas.

At first the 'Multiclip Playback' option can seem confusing and a little overwhelming; however, it is actually really easy to use this feature, and with a little practice, you will be able to use this feature to create seamless multiclip angle sequences. So, here is a handy step by step guide that will show you what you need to do.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Final Cut Studio installed
  • Video footage from various angles to edit

Step 1: Set up Final Cut Pro to Edit Multiclip in Real Time

From the Real-Time pop-up menu on the timeline, select Multiclip Playback. Then, choose the Open option on the Playhead Sync pop-up menu in the Canvas or Viewer. The multiclip will then automatically open beneath the Timeline playhead in your Viewer. This will allow you to view all angles at once. You can then choose the number of multiclip angles you want to view simultaneously by selecting a number option in the view pop-up menu in your Viewer.

Step 2: Turn on the Multiclip Playback Option

Go to the Final Cut Pro menu and then choose System Settings. Next, click on the Playback Control tab and turn on the Multiclip Playback option. You can then open a sequence that contains multiclips and choose Multiclip Playback from the Real-Time pop-up menu in your timeline.

Step 3: Optimize Final Cut Pro for Real-Time Multiclip Playback

You can improve Multiclip Playback performance in Final Cut Pro by using the scratch disk on your system with the best performance. If you aren't sure which hard drive is the fastest, go on the Internet and search for tech specifications on your various scratch disks. Look for specifications regarding the speed of the scratch disk as well as data transfer rates. You can also improve performance of Multiclip Playback by reducing the playback quality in the Canvas. You can adjust the playback performance in your System Settings.

Also, you can choose dynamic real-time playback options, from your real-time pop-up menu, that will help improve performance as well. Finally, turn off the 'Show Source Angle Affects' option in your View pop-up menu to provide for better playback of multiclip angles.

Step 4: View Your Multiclip Playback on an External Monitor

Multiclip Playback also allows you to view either the Viewer or Canvas on an external monitor. This can make your editing tasks much easier. In order to set up this option, choose 'View|Multiclip Angles' and make sure the checkbox has a check mark in it. This option has no effective node sequence is open. When the option is not selected,  you can only see the Viewer on your external monitor.

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