Final Cut Pro: Capturing Audio

Final Cut Pro has some interesting features which many users simply do not make the best of, and one of the most neglected areas is understanding how to capture audio using this software. There are many different ways in which you can capture audio, rather than simply using the Capture Now button. If you are using Final Cut Pro for the first time, and do not know how to use all of the features, then you may be missing out on the best way to capture audio using this software. To learn how to capture audio properly using Final Cut Pro, you need to set aside some spare time, and follow a few simple instructions to get the best from your device.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Audio recording 
  • Computer
  • Firewire connections

Step 1: Connect Your Audio System

Before you can start using Final Cut pro to capture audio, you will need to connect the audio system you have recorded your sounds on to the computer. Most audio systems these days are compatible with computer software, so you should be able to connect to the USB port using the audio system's cables. Make sure that you have your capture settings in the correct place, and that the Final Cut Pro recognizes the audio system you are using. Press the Show All button to look at the formats available to you.

Step 2: Refine the Settings

If this is the first time that you have used this particular audio system, then you will need to go into the Audio/Visual settings in order to ensure that you have the correct audio capacity. You need to know what the Bit of your audio device is, and then make sure that you check this option when you come to capture it onto the file.

Step 3: Capture the Audio

Open up your Capture settings, and pick the audio that is right for your device. You should then see the audio Save file open, and you will be able to decide upon a point to save the audio to (and where it should go). Click on these options, and then give your file a name. Your file should be saved, and then opened in the browser menu. You will also be able to see a number of different audio effects show up in the bin. These clips can all be edited as you choose.

Step 4: Save the Audio

Once you have your audio files downloaded into the browser window, you can then divide them up into the different clips that you will be using them with, and save them individually under a different name for each different type of audio. Make sure that you have all of these saved together in a file when you finish, and you should then have captured the audio from your system. Be ready to edit in Final Cut Pro when you need to.

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