Final Cut Pro: Batch Capturing Clips

One of the most powerful features in Final Cut Pro is the ability to capture clips in batches. Batch capturing will not only allow you to capture multiple clips from a single tape, it allows you to capture clips from multiple tapes. Here is a quick guide on how to perform a batch capture in Final Cut Pro.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Final Cut Pro installed
  • A tape or camera to capture from which to capture footage

Step 1: Connect Deck to Computer

Connect your camera or deck to your computer via the FireWire connection.

Step 2: Open Final Cut Pro

Launch the Final Cut Pro program.

Step 3: Import Footage into Final Cut Pro

Import footage from your camera or deck into Final Cut Pro as you normally would, or go to the Final Cut Pro menu option and choose import.

Step 4: Create an In Point for a Clip

Use the transitions slider or shuttle control to go to the position where you want to create your first In point. Then press the 'I' key to set the beginning point for the first clip you want to capture.

Step 5: Create an Out Point in the Clip

Continue scrolling through the video until you reach the ending point for the first clip you want to capture. Then, press the 'O' key in order to set an out point.

Step 6: Log the Clip

Click on the 'Log Clip' button, and the Log Clip dialog box will appear. Then, enter a descriptive name for the clip or leave the default name in place. Next, click the 'OK' button. Final Cut Pro will automatically log the clip and place it in your project viewer. However, you will notice that there is a red line through the clip that indicates the clip has not yet been captured, but is ready to be captured. You can think of the listed clip in the project as a container that only contains the time code and duration of the clip to be captured.

Step 7: Continue Creating In and Out Points for Clips

Continue scrolling the video footage and creating In and Out points and then logging the clips. Continue doing this for as many clips as you want to capture in your Final Cut Pro project. If you want to log multiple clicks clips very quickly, locate the 'Prompt' checkbox in the login window and disable the prompt feature. This will cause Final Cut Pro to create log names automatically and save you from having to deal with the 'Log Clip' about dialog box.

Step 8: Batch Capture the Clip

Once you have created In and Out points for all that clips that you want to capture, you simply need to click on the capture batch button in your project window. Then, the capture batch dialog box will pop up. The only option you need to really concern yourself with is the first one. You need to change it from 'Selected items in logging bin' to 'Offline items in logging bin'. If you leave the default option in place, it will only capture the one log clip that is highlighted in the project viewer. If you wish, however, you can also change the capture preset type to better suit your needs.

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