Final Cut Pro: Aligning Items in the Timeline by Their Markers

If you want to use the timeline to locate the clips, you can use the In and Out markers to move the clips along the line. This method of editing is very rough, but it works because you do not have to place the clips back in the Viewer window before you start moving them, thus saving you time and effort. If you want to use the markers to move the clips around in the timeline, you will first have to place them on the clips in the right location.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Computer
  • Media Files

Step 1: Marking Your Clips

The first step in using the Markers to align clips is to mark them using the viewer window. When you have imported your clips into Final Cut Pro, you need to open up the Viewer window, and move your clip into position. You will be able to watch the clip, and make a note of where you want the In and Out markers to be positioned. These little markers act as dividers within the clip itself, determining when the clip starts and finishes. You cannot put the markers too close together, otherwise Final Cut Pro will not know how to play it. Place the In marker where you want the clip to begin, and then place the Out marker where you want the clip to end. The markers will show up as small squares in the timeline.

Step 2: Using the Timeline

Once you have finished editing your clip in Viewer, place it back into the timeline. You will be able to see your clip highlighted, and will be able to see the In and Out markers still within the clip. In the canvas window, you will also be able to see the clip that you have highlighted playing. The timeline is a useful place for moving the player in and out, and for working out where you should be placing the clip.

Step 3: Moving the Clips

If you find that you need to move the clip again when you have positioned it into the area, for example, if you have put it into the wrong place, or you need to add another clip where your marked clip is currently sitting, then you will have to move it along the timeline using your markers. Highlight the clip, and touch one of the markers with the pointer of your mouse. You will be able to see the clip selected. Take the marker, and drag it along the timeline. The clip should be close behind.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once you have moved the clip to wherever you want it to be, you can then drop the clip, and release the marker. The clip should now be in a completely different location from the original position on the timeline, and you will be able to keep it there.

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