Final Cut Pro: 7 Different Ways to Use Generators

Generators are effects created entirely by Final Cut Pro. These effects can be applied to any video and can be precisely controlled by the editor with keyframes in the control tab. To access a generator, go to the effects tab and select video generators. Here are 7 different ways to use generators.

1. Lens Flare

You generally try to avoid lens flares when shooting because they're near impossible to remove from the video. It's very labor intensive, which makes it not really worth your while. But, like all things that are hard to remove, they're easy to add in the editing program. When you add a lens flare to your video, it will be still. You need to animate it with key frames in order to create movement.

2. Noise

If you've ever seen an HBO program, then you've seen this generator before. It's the static effect that comes on right after their logo. You can use this generator in Final Cut Pro. Perhaps you want to use it as an awkward ending to a video? It's easy to control, but it may take some experimenting because video looks a little different on TV than it does on a computer monitor.

3. Cossticks

This is a strange effect that you can place over your video. By default, it is animated, but you can still change those controls. By using the controls, you can make the effects look like a few specs or it can look like a chain link fence made out of water.

4. Clouds

With the clouds generator, you can add a foggy look to your video that was not there when you were shooting. Although, shooting with a fog machine would probably look more natural. The clouds are animated by default, but you can change those settings easily. 

5. Grid

This effect is still and needs to be manually animated and controlled. It's name is pretty self explanatory; it adds a grid over your image.

6. Membrane

This is an abstract animation that you can place over your video clips. It comes animated, but that can be changed by you easily. The shape is not fixed either. You can change whatever properties of it that you want.

7. Color Ray

Have you've ever seen those trippy 60s films when they would time travel and the effect would be a guy falling into a spinning color background? Well, this effect creates that background. This generator needs to be animated, but with it you can replicate that same effect.

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