Final Cut Pro 7: 6 New Features

Final Cut Pro 7 is a non-linear video editing program. Apple is the manufacturer of Final Cut Pro 7. Final Cut Pro 7, which was released in 2009, is only able to run on Mac computers that are running Mac OS X and using Intel processors. The guideline below will go over some of the new features of Final Cut Pro 7.

1. New Apple ProRes Codecs

Previous versions of Final Cut Pro came equipped with ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 (HQ). In addition to those codecs, Final Cut Pro 7 has added ProRes 422 (Proxy), ProRes 422 (LT) and ProRes 4444. ProRes 422 (Proxy) allows users to edit their projects without being connected to the Internet. ProRes 4444 is a codec that allows users to edit their projects using the highest possible image quality.

2. Improved Markers

Final Cut Pro 7 now has color coded clip and sequence markers. There are 6 standard markers available and each marker has its own color. If you do not plan on using the predefined markers, Final Cut Pro 7 allows you to change the default name and even color of the marker. You can also attach comments to the markets and control which markers are visible when you are viewing your project via the Timeline.

3. iChat Theater support

If you have iChat Theater on your Mac computer, Final Cut Pro 7 now allows you to send your project to the chat program. You are able to share your video with others in real time. Final Cut Pro 7 even allows you to make edits to the project while the others are watching it. You are also able to speak over the video and switch back and forth between various clips and sequences.

4. Project Exporting

Via the Share window, you are able to easily export your project to a disc, the web, or an Apple device, including the iPhone and iPod. Final Cut Pro 7 allows you to keep working on other projects while your video is being rendered and compressed. Final Cut Pro 7 also allows you to create custom presets in Apple Compressor for use in the Share window.

5. New Speed Change Tools

Final Cut Pro 7 has redesigned the Change Speed window. The new and improved Change Speed window allows users to quickly and easily change the speed of clips without having to rip the sequence. By not having to rip the sequence, you can experience with various speed settings without affecting the other clips in your project.  

6. Improved Tabs

Past versions of Final Cut Pro have had tabs, but with Final Cut Pro 7, tabs are easier to use than ever. Editors can quickly and easily create tabs and assign names and color to them. Tabs can be reordered by simply clicking on them and dragging. A new Project tab makes it easy to tell the difference between Projects and Bins. With the click of the mouse, you can close all sequences that are not being worked on. 

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