Final Cut Pro: 4 Tips for Performing Basic Cut Edits

In Final Cut Pro, cut edits are used to weed out portions of clips or sequences you don't want to use. Performing cut edits in Final Cut Pro is a snap, and this list of tips will help you get the job done even faster.

1. Straight Cut

In Final Cut Pro the most basic cut edit is the straight cut. This cut is similar to the movie cuts of old when a technician used a razor blade on a piece of film in order to cut out frames or scenes that the producer didn't want to use. Therefore, use the Razor Blade Cut tool icon to add a endpoint to a sequence clip. You can do this by cutting a single clip item, which will create two pieces of the clip on your timeline. When you do this, the edit point will be added at a specific frame in the timeline that you click. This is a great technique for rearranging pieces of a sequence or deleting a section of a clip. You can make these types of cuts with the Razor Blade Tool or pressing the Control and "V" keys to make the cuts during playback.

2. Razor Blade All Cut Edits

Just as you can use the Razor Blade edit tool to cut a single clip item, you can also use the Razor Blade All Tool to cut all clip items or tracks at a point you specify in the timeline. This makes working with multiple clips or tracks very fast and efficient.

3. Use the Add Edit Command to Cut Clips

You can use the Add Edit Command in the Sequence menu (Control - V) to quickly make cuts similar to those made with the Razor Blade All Tool. The add edit command also cuts clips in the timeline at the playhead's current position. The difference is, however, that the add edit command only cuts items or tracks that have Auto Select turned on. When using the add edit command, use the keyboard shortcut during playback to quickly cut clips. Each time you use the command during playback, Final Cut Pro will create a red marker at the timeline position of the edit cut. Whenever playback stops, the edit cuts are applied in the timeline.

4. Splice Cut Clips Back Together into One Item

Sometimes, you may accidentally apply a razor blade tool or add edit command to a clip and create two separate pieces by accident. Therefore, you need a way to quickly splice the cuts back together. To remove the cut edit an restore the clip to a single item, choose the cut edit on the timeline (between the two clips that you want to splice back together) and then press the 'Delete' key. You can also control click and edit point on the timeline and choose the 'Join Through Edit' option on the pop up menu. After you join the two pieces of the item where the edit was applied, you should notice that they are rejoined and again to become a single clip item.

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