Final Cut Pro: 3 Ways to Add Clips to a Sequence

There are a number of ways in which you can add clips to a sequence when you are editing a clip in Final Cut Pro. Once you have your sequence in place, you can get the sequence moving by adding more clips into the sequence. The ways in which you can add these clips depends upon whether you wish to introduce the clip to the rest of the sequence, or if you want to delete the clips and replace them with the new version--you can do that, too. Learning how to add clips to a sequence can make your movie look very interesting.

1. Taking Clips from the Browser

You can take your clips from the Browser window and replace them into the Canvas window. By passing the clip over the window, you will be able to highlight the Insert and Overwrite in the Canvas window. You can also do this if your playhead is at the end of the sequence, as it help you to take control of your film editing. Once the clip is in the sequence, you can highlight it using the arrow selection tool, and then pick it up and drag it over to the new position. You can then hold the options button down, so you can see that you have the edit options available while you are inserting the clip.

2. Using the Playhead

If you choose to, you can use the playhead to move the clips along so you get the right place in the sequence. Take your mouse, and move the playhead towards the center of the sequence you wish to insert the playhead into. You can then take your new clip, and slide it over from the Browser window to the Canvas, again highlighting the Insert and Overwrite options in that window.

3. Using the Overwrite Tool

The overwrite tool is another way in which you can add a clip to the sequence. In this case, the clip actually replaces the clips in the sequence, so you will have to be careful when you are placing the clip into the timeline in order to avoid replacing clips which you wanted to keep. Take your clip, and drag it over to the canvas browser. The browser will then show two options: the Insert or the Overwrite. Drop into the overwrite sequence in order to replace the clip currently in the sequence with the new one. The other option is to move the playhead along to the portion where the clip is. You should be able to find a line around one third of the way up. Clicking above this will allow you to insert the clip, while clicking below the line will replace the former clip with your new choice.

When you come to insert your clip, you should take care about what you are doing in order to get the best from your software.

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