Final Audio Mixing: Pro Tools vs Final Cut Pro

Pro Tools is a software program that is at the forefront for editing audio. It is the software of choice amongst most audio engineers, yet you hear it's name a lot less now than you did 5 years ago. In fact, companies that work exclusively in post production audio are on the decline. One reason for this is that video editing software programs are becoming more advanced with each new version that is released. These programs can now handle complicated audio editing. This has lead to a trend of doing it yourself and save money in your projects budget. Yet, there are still going to be times when you need to edit your sound with an advanced program like Pro Tools.

Which One Should You Use?

Pro tools is expensive and is, for the most part, unnecessary for an editor to own and use now. Final Cut Pro can handle so much of the final audio mixing that it has become a one stop shop. If you're working with high quality, clean audio clips then Final Cut Pro should be enough for you to work with. But if some of your audio is bad, then you would need an advanced program like Pro Tools to fix the problem, if it can be fixed at all.

Getting Great Sound

Ever watch a crime television show where they take an audio clip of the criminal on a phone call, remove the voice, and clean the audio so they can hear the location that he is calling from? In real life you can't do that. If the sound is all captured on one microphone then that soundwave is made up of all those noises. Removing one frequency will affect the others. Because cleaning up poor audio is a time consuming process with often disappointing results it is important to hire a Sound Man for your shoots who will capture superb audio. In fact, you need a guy who knows poor audio and will tell you if you need to shoot it again.

Fixing Poor Sound

Final Cut Pro and other video editing programs and limited in what they can fix in terms of poor audio. This is where an advanced program like Pro Tools would prove useful. Pro Tools has more tools a sound engineer can work with. This makes it possible, but time consuming, to recover poor audio.

What it Comes Down To

If your careful and diligent, then you will be working with high quality sound clips and Final Cut Pro will be able to handle all of the work. If there is something wrong with the audio that can be fixed then you should use Pro Tools to help you with the final audio mix. After all, this is your project. You need to make every effort possible to have it at the highest quality.

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