Fantamorph: What's New

FantaMorph by Abrosoft is a powerful and simple software morphing solution that enables high-end photo morphing and stylish animation effects. It is powered by a potent rendering engine and an evenly matched easy-to-use interface. FantaMorph offers extensive usage in adding great visual effects to advertisements, web graphics, screen savers, music videos, educational software, movies, presentations and almost anything digital that you can think of. Some people make use of FantaMorph as a toy too.

Here is a brief look at the latest innovations in the latest version of FantaMorph, Edition 5.

Layer Morphing

This feature allows you to use different photographic layers and identify correlated points in each one of them, and then trigger a morph in the same viewing plane.

Better Rendering Engines

The rendering engine in the latest edition of FantaMorph has vastly improved and can handle hard edges and transparent pixels in a better fashion. The rendering engine is also much more powerful, lighter and faster than the previous versions.

Support for Dual Monitors

FantaMorph now supports the increasingly popular dual monitor desktops being put to use by more and more graphic artists. This new feature enables a wider workspace and better control of finer points in the hands of the professional designer.

Among other features, the ability to place the controlling dots and points outside the general photograph area is a major improvement, while the enhanced sound control features enable greater control over the animation being produced. You can also now make use of the full screen mode to achieve a larger working space while designing.