FaceWarp Features for the iPhone

FaceWarp is a popular application that's available for both the iPhone and iPod. It is a fun application that takes your normal routine pictures and converts the subjects into funny and comical distortions. You can use these images to poke fun at friends, family and relatives.


  • Detects faces automatically.
  • Works for both single as well as group pictures.
  • Offers 16 varied warp filters that you can flip through, just like in the photos app.
  • Storage of high-resolution pictures that have been warped (into your camera memory).
  • Easy upload of pictures from photo albums or an easy click from the phone camera itself, to be used for warping.
  • E-mail the warped pictures to friends.

Apart from the basic features, Face Warp also comes with a design tool backed by powerful software for the purpose of designing completely new filters. The Face Warp app is definitely a lot of fun and enhances the whole experience of clicking pictures, while encouraging users to send more photos and share personal experiences.