Facemorpher: An Overview

Facemorpher from Luxand Technology is software for morphing faces. The software is fully automated, which means there is no need for defining control points. The automatic morphing process recognizes the facial parts which need to be transformed and will produce a seamless transition. You also have control over manually defining the control points or morphing spots, but the automatic function is quite adequate for amateur animation and web graphics.

Easy Interface and Controls

Usually professional morphing software has a complex interface with many controls. Facemorpher on the other hand is very easy to use with a simple interface and minimum of controls, as most of the process is automated. You just need to load two or more images and the software will pick out the ones it recognizes. Then, you can start the morphing process. You have the option for setting the number of frames you want in creating the morphing effect. There is a manual slider which can be dragged to show you the transition as it is taking place per frame.

Saving the Morphing Effects

Facemorpher provides a number of ways you can save your morphing effect. It can be saved as an AVI file or an animated image in GIF. You can also make the morphing animation a presentation in Flash which can be uploaded to a website. Although fun software, the Facemorpher has quite a few uses. It can be used to create a unique avatar of yourself which is animated or to add effects to your videos.