EyeCopia Video Surveillance Software: Reasons to Buy

EyeCopia is versatile video surveillance software through which you can set up an effective system for monitoring at home or at the work place. Along with the software, you will only need a computer, a webcam and a broadband connection. The software is capable of working with many cameras and will create different files of the videos, along with related information whenever motion is detected. If you have a mike input then you can record audio as well. EyeCopia not only records, but also sends notification of the events recorded by email through computers on a network or to your mobile phone. Here are few reasons to buy this software.

For the Home User

The main reason to buy this software for home is for the security it provides when you are away at work or on a holiday. With this system, you are better prepared to respond to situations of theft or vandalism as they occur. If you have a neighborhood watch, you can notify other members through email of any suspicious events taking place, along with the captured video. You can also monitor isolated structures within your premises like garages and sheds. The software can be automated to notify you whenever there is a visitor or a package is delivered.

For the Office

EyeCopia can save a lot of time and manpower in your office. Use the application as a virtual receptionist for notifying you or other employees of particular events. You can also stay in touch with your other business contacts without being present. The same security and surveillance benefits are applicable to the office as found in the home. The software is also particularly useful in surveying classrooms and activity in the hallway or recreational areas.