EyeCopia Video Surveillance Software: Key Features

EyeCopia video surveillance software is an easy-to-use video recording program that is made by Enjoin LLC. EyeCopia is compatible with most Internet cameras and web cameras. A free trial of EyeCopia is available and EyeCopia is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Here are some key features of this program.

Motion Detection

One of the best features of EyeCopia is motion detection. If the cameras that you have connected to EyeCopia detect motion, a notification can be sent to you via email or text message. The motion detection features that are included with EyeCopia are a great way to know when a package has been delivered or when a friend or family member has arrived.

Multiple Camera Support

Unlike many video recording programs, EyeCopia provides multiple camera support. That means you can connect an unlimited number of cameras to EyeCopia at a single time. That allows you to keep an eye on your entire home or place of business from a single computer.

Remote Access

EyeCopia provides remote access, which allows you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world. If you travel often, simply download EyeCopia Remote onto your laptop. To view your cameras, log onto EyeCopia Remote and you'll be good to go. You will need to have an Internet connection to use EyeCopia Remote.