Exporting Any Bitmap Format in Xara Designer

Xara Designer makes it simple to export your image as any bitmap format, which makes it very easy to ensure compatibility with other applications. Exporting your pictures using Xara is very easy and shouldn't take long to complete. When your images are exported, they can then be opened in virtually any picture editor.

The export module supports many different formats. This allows you to export in both vector and bitmap formats including Xara File, Gif, JPEG and Tiff among many others.

Opening Export Mode

Click on the File menu and select "Export;" this will bring up the export dialog box. This looks exactly the same as a standard save as dialog box. Select the file type that you want to export to from the dropdown list. Then, give the file a name so that you will be able to find it later.

Export Settings

When you click save, a new export bitmap options dialog box will be displayed. This shows two preview images, the original and the image when saved as a bitmap. There are a number of tools you can use to compare the images including zoom, push, zoom to fit and 100% image size.

You can select the different images by clicking on them. This gives you a comparison between the image size and file size. There are many export properties which can be adjusted.

Quality and Size

The ability to choose between different video types is a wonderful way of choosing the best quality image with the smallest file size. You will be able to easily ensure that the files aren't too big, but also that they don't suffer any loss in quality.