ExacqVision VMS Software: Key Features

ExacqVision VMS Software is a video recording program. You can run ExacqVision VMS Software on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. ExacqVision VMS Software is capable of recording video from any type of network IP camera. This guideline will go over a few key features of ExacqVision VMS Software.

Live Viewing

Not only does ExacqVision VMS Software record video, but ExacqVision VMS Software also allows you to view live video from the cameras that you have synced with the program. Unlike some video recording programs, you can connect an unlimited number of cameras to ExacqVision VMS Software. You can view your connected cameras in ExacqVision VMS Software on a single monitor or multiple monitors.

Administration Panel

ExacqVision VMS Software makes it easy for you to maintain your cameras, alarms, systems and much more. The administration panel in ExacqVision VMS Software even allows you to set up different password protected users that will have access to the cameras. All of your cameras will be listed in the administration panel in ExacqVision VMS Software so you can easily configure them when needed.

Web Browser Access

One of the best features of ExacqVision VMS Software is web browser access. If you are away from your business or home, you can easily log onto any standard web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome, to check out your cameras. You can even play video back when you access your security cameras from the web.