EvoCam: Frequently Asked Questions

EvoCam is a great webcam program that is made by Evological. EvoCam is compatible with Mac operating systems only. Not only can you use EvoCam to publish a webcam that streams video to the Internet, but you can also use EvoCam to record video from your webcams. This guideline will go over a few of the frequently asked questions about EvoCam.

1. What Cameras Are Supported By EvoCam?

EvoCam is compatible with all cameras that are compatible with QuickTime. EvoCam also supports a wide variety of video servers and network cameras. A few of the brands of video servers and network cameras that are supported by EvoCam include Airlink, D-Link and JVC. To view a full list of supported video servers and network cameras, visit the EvoCam website.

2. Are Multiple Cameras Supported By EvoCam?

EvoCam is one of the few Mac compatible webcam programs that provides support for multiple cameras at a single time. There are no limits in regards to how many cameras EvoCam can support at a single time. If you plan on using multiple cameras, it is recommended that you use network cameras because USB and FireWire cameras may have bandwidth restrictions that limit you to connecting one or two cameras to your computer.

3. Does EvoCam Support PTZ?

PTZ stands for pan/tilt/zoom, and yes, EvoCam does support PTZ. You will need to be using a compatible network camera to take advantage of PTZ, though. The PTZ features that are included with EvoCam allow you to pan, tilt and zoom your network camera directly from your computer. If enabled, visitors to your website will also be able to control your camera if you have published your webcam to the web.