EvoCam: An Overview

EvoCam is software for your webcam which runs on Mac operating systems. The software enables you to record and view streaming video from video servers and cameras on the network. You can also record with time lapse and control motion sensors, so that it becomes a full-fledged surveillance system for your home security.

Simple Interface

EvoCam has a simple interface, which enables you to customize or configure the various applications of your webcam in easy steps. The interface is also intuitive and can edit various aspects in real time like effects, text or picture badges.

This software is compatible with almost any video camera that can run Quick Time videos. The captured image is loaded onto a designated web server through FTP. It also has a built-in web server so that you can connect to your webcam through a browser using Java. You can set a password to view your webcam and also customize the appearance of the HTML.

Versatile Software

EvoCam has a lot of features which makes it quite versatile in its applications. The software provides numerous motion sensors so that image capture can be automatic whenever there is motion. It also proves ideal for making a time lapse movie, as you can set various durations ranging from hours, a few days or even weeks. There is also a timer support which can record footage in segments of one hour each. The software is also able to provide support to multiple cameras at one time, and you can have multiple webcam windows on your screen with individual settings.