EtinySoft Magic Morph: FAQs

EtinySoft Magic Morph is an easy to use morphing and warping program. This program is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will provide you with answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about EtinySoft Magic Morph.

1. What is Morphing?

Many people are not familiar with what morphing is exactly. Basically, morphing allows for smooth transitions from multiple images. For example, you can use morphing to make a video that contains black and white face images that change from one person to another. You could choose to have the entire face change or only have specific aspects of the face change with each image.

2. Can I Create My Own Morphs?

Yes, EtinySoft Magic Morph does allow you to create your own photo morphs. However, until you get the hang of the program, you can mess around with one of the many sample morphs that are included with the program.

3. Are Tutorials Included?

The best way to begin using EtinySoft Magic Morph is to first view the tutorial that is included with the program. Photo morphing can be a bit difficult at first, but the 2 examples that are included with the tutorial should get you used to the program in no time at all.