Eight Reasons To Get an External Harddrive

1. Every computer needs an external harddrive to store its entire original operating systems, user info and programs. Computers break down. It's not a matter of if your internal hard drive will break down; it's a matter of when. And it will. Having your videos, pictures and other large files copied to an external hard drive is one safe way of backing things up.

2. Portability. External hard drives are well made these days and easy to transport in their design. If you must travel, having an external drive is like bringing your desktop with you. Just plug it in and the computer will assign it and designate it. It's a piece of cake to run files back and forth between computers.

3. With the dawn of the Internet come increasing security threats on all fronts. Viruses and spyware can still get through the firewalls and fight off the antivirus programs. So your files are still at risk.

4. In many households there are multiple users on a single computer so things get lost easily. Dad might have saved an important PDF to send off to work and it got deleted because his son didn't realize what it was and why it wound up in his folder. Things get accidentally sent to the trash.

5. With DVD burning, movies, pictures and large documents take up tremendous amounts of space on your hard drive.

6. The ability to copy the entire contents of your internal hard drive to an external hard drive, that you only leave connected to transport files, is a huge plus. When the computer dies, you will have it all sitting there copied and ready to go.

7. Sensitive documents. Anything like a legal document is better stored externally. Or anything that would make your heart drop to your knees if you were to lose it...back it up. You can also lock up the drive in a safe.

8. Long-term storage. Your pictures, or jpgs or videos or wave files are files and they are your negatives and master copies. Having them stored externally will ensure they are around a long time.

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