Editing Home Video for Showbiz DVD 2

ShowBiz DVD 2 software is home movie editing software produced by ArcSoft. This software provides many creation, editing and DVD features and functions. It is very easy to use with an easy to understand interface. The available help and support that comes with the software provides an explanation for every single function that is contained in the software. There are basic and advanced editing options available when modifying the content of the movie. 

Step 1: Rearrange the Order of Clips

Changing the order of video clips and photos is easy. In the storyboard window, simply select and then drag the different thumbnails into a new position. Do this until you are satisfied with the movie order. You can also change the transitions. The one difference is that when a transition is dropped on an existing transition, it does not swap; the new transition replaces the old. It is then necessary to go back and insert a new transition in the open transition spot.

Step 2: Customize Still Images

There are several options that can be customized for still images such as photos. On the storyboard, set the duration that the still image will be displayed. This can be set for all still images. You can also change the contrast, hue, saturation and brightness of the still images. Move the sliders and see how the images change. You can easily return to the initial photo by selecting the restore button.

Step 3: Trim Clips

Each clip can have a different playback. Speed up the clip or slow things down. If the clip is too long or it needs to start in a different spot, simply move the pink and green trim markers that are found at the beginning and end of the clip. Move these to the desired spots. The clip can also be trimmed by moving the trimmer to the trim spot and then click the trim button.

Step 4: Add Text Effects

To change the text, first choose either fancy or simple text. Click and drag the text style to the timeline. The actual text can be entered into the new text window. Change the style by selecting a different style, and add a new text string by selecting anywhere within the text box. Each string can have its own text style. Select the effect and drag it to the text. The effects can be used to make text appear or disappear. 

Step 5: Add Special Effects

ShowBiz has many special effects that are used for advanced editing. These effects can be added to specific items in the video. The length of the effect can be altered by selecting and then dragging the edges of the effect. To get the effect over 2 different clips, it cannot be stretched. The effect will need to be added to both. Some of the effects include cropping, banners, orientation, filters and fun frames.

Step 6: Preview

Always preview the clip and make changes until the desired movie is created. When you are satisfied, export the video. ShowBiz 2 offers several different DVD formats. The movie can be saved to the hard drive or burned to a disc. Each format type has a set of options that can be set depending on your preferences.