EasyHDR: High Dynamic Range Software

EasyHDR is sophisticated High Dynamic Range Software for creating HDR images from a set of images of the same scene taken at different exposure settings. The software aligns these images and blends them into one composite HDR image. It also provides various controls for tone mapping.

Image Formats

EasyHDR is compatible with images taken in RAW, JPEG, FIT and TIFF formats. The resultant HDR image can be saved in JPEG or for better results, you can save it as TIFF in 48 or 24 bits. All EXIF info will be retained.

Correcting Chromatic Aberrations

Before the process of HDR can begin, the software provides a tool where any chromatic aberrations of the input images can be corrected. This will minimize the effects of aberrations caused by a poor lens.

Alignment Features

The software has an auto aligning feature which will compensate for any shift or rotation of the main set of images. It also provides the option of manually aligning the input set of photos where the shift, scale and perspective can be compensated.

Tone Mapping

EasyHDR has various controls for enhancing tone mapping of the image and gives the image a realistic look without compromising on individual contrasts. You can also fine tune the levels of contrast by adjusting the shape of the tone curve in the histogram.

Post Processing

After tone mapping, the software provides various controls for adjusting parameters like sharpness, white balance and color tone. You can also reduce blurs and noise with easy slider controls, without losing out on the overall quality.

Batch Processing

EasyHDR has a feature for quick batch processing so that you can put the whole workflow on automatic to process multiple image sets without any manual intervention.