DxO Optics Pro 101

DxO Optics Pro is an advanced program which has excellent automatic photo correction capabilities. The software is able to read the EXIF data and computes the types of corrections required based on certain presets designed by the DxO labs. The major corrections done on the images are based on the problems encountered with distortion of lens, lack of sharpness, vignetting and aberrations due to colored fringes. The software has a user friendly interface, which is ideal for processing photos in batches.

Correction of Lens Distortion

DxO Optics Pro can effectively correct automatically barrel, pincushion, fisheye and other complex distortions. The software is capable of handling a variety of focal ranges presented by various lenses like wide angle, zoom and other optic kits. The presets of the software are based on incorporating over 2,000 combinations of cameras and lenses. Apart from the automatic corrections, there are also advanced controls for correcting distortions of a very complex nature.

Perspective Corrections

DxO Optics Pro is able to correct horizontal and vertical linear perspective problems manually. This feature is like having a shift and tilt lens, thus increasing your photography potential without spending on costly lenses. This feature is particularly valuable for architecture photography where the vertical lines of the structure seem to slant. The feature is also useful for correcting panoramic shots of horizons which seem to slope a little.

Improves Sharpness

A camera lens will usually create a soft level which is more prominent on the edges. This softness dilutes the sharpness of the image and finer details can be lost. The correcting module in DxO Optic Pro can correct the softening effect of a lens and create a well balanced sharp image. A certain level of contrast is also added to bring out the finer details, and you can also control the level of sharpness.

Correction of Color Fringes

The camera lens has the tendency to split light just like a prism, and hence it creates color aberrations on the fringes especially in photos which have higher contrast. This common problem is corrected by the software automatically when the image is analyzed.

Corrects Vignetting

DxO Optic Pro computes the EXIF data regarding the lens type, length of focal distance, aperture and so on, and is able to correct vignetting. The correction also does not affect the exposure levels and shifts in color and does not increase the noise. In the rare case where your camera EXIF info does not match the supported computations for correction, then you can remove vignetting to a great extent with adjustments of manual controls.

Correction of Exposure for Optimized Contrast

It is often seen that many details are lost due to the various levels of shadows cast in an image. The correcting module of DxO Optic Pro has technology for optimizing contrasts and bringing out an extended dynamic range in images. This enhances the details in shadowy areas in the image and also does not affect the highlighted areas and the colors and textures.

Color Modes and Profiles

DxO Optic Pro now gives you better control over the colors in your images and provides features, by which you can change the color balances to get a particular look or optimize the quality of the image.