DVD Studio Pro: Play All with Stories

DVD Studio Pro has an option called Play All with Stories. Basically, you can have multiple sections within a single project that can be played individually or as a whole. When you create stories, you do not have to have the stories play in the order that they were added to your project. You can configure the stories to play anyway you want them to.

Stories use chapter markers to divide your movie into multiple sections. Stories have to be tied in with a specific track and that story may only contain content from the specified track. Stories do not take up any additional space on your disc, which makes them an attractive option for those looking to spice up their movie.

Step 1: Create the Track and Add Markers

In the DVD Studio Pro toolbar, you need to select the Add Track tool. Using that tool, you will need to import a movie into your project. If you are only importing a single movie, you will need to drag the movie to the Track Editor. If you are importing multiple movies for use within a single project, you will need to drag each into the Track Editor in the exact order that you want them to play.

Now that you have your tracks created, you will need to add markers. To do this, you will need to position the Track Editor's playhead on the first frame of each section. Once you have the playhead positioned, press the M key to create the chapter market. If you do not like where the chapter marker has been placed, the chapter marker can be moved forwards or backwards.

Step 2: Create the Stories

Once your tracks have been finalized and your chapter markers are in the location you want them to be, you will need to create and configure your stories. From the toolbar, you need to select the Add Story tool. The tool will add the story to the track you have selected. From the Graphical tab, you will need to double click the story icon that was created. This will open the Story Editor. On the left side of the editor, you will see the chapter markers you created. Drag the chapter marker that you want your story to play onto the right side of the editor. You will need to repeat these steps for each and every chapter marker you created.

Step 3: Create the Menu

It is up to you what type of menu you wish to use. For the purpose of this guideline, instructions will be given on how to create a standard menu. To create a standard menu, choose Project, then Add to Project, then Menu from the toolbar. You can also create the menu by pressing Command + Y. To open the Menu Editor, you will need to be in the Graphical tab. From that tab, all you have to do is select the menu by clicking its title. Once the Menu Editor is open, you will see an option for inserting a Play All button on the menu screen.

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