DVD Studio Pro: Making a Photo Slideshow

DVD Studio Pro allows the user to create a photo slideshow. The duration of the slideshow can be determined by DVD Studio Pro or the user. The option to add audio to the photo slideshow is also available. DVD Studio Pro also allows users to create photo albums and scrapbooks. The slideshow can consist of up to 99 still images.

Adding a Slideshow using the Slideshow Editor

In order to add a slideshow to your project, first open DVD Studio Pro. You will then click on Project, Add Project, and then Slideshow. You can also bring this menu up by pressing CTRL + K. In the Outline or Graphical tab, you will need to choose Add from the shortcut menu and then Slideshow from the submenu. In the toolbar that is brought up, you will need to click on Add Slideshow. You will see a Slideshow tab that you will need to click next. The Slideshow tab will bring up the Slideshow Editor. You will then be able to drag still images into the Slideshow Editor. To view the slideshow, all you have to do is double click on the slideshow that you have created. The final step in completing your slideshow is to enter a name for it in the Slideshow Inspector. You will then be able to set the remote control settings for your slideshow from within the Slideshow Inspector.

Adding a Slideshow using the Menu Editor

If you would like to add a slideshow to your project using the menu editor, you will first need to decide where in your project you will want to add the slideshow. Using the pop up menu of the Menu Editor, you can choose where you want the slideshow to go. Using the Assets or Palette tab, you will need to select at least two still images that you want to use for your slideshow. If you have a folder that contains the images you wish to use, you can select the entire folder from the Finder window. You will need to drag the still images or image folder into the Menu Editor. You can drag the images into the exact location where you want the slideshow to appear in your project. When you hold your mouse pointer still, the Drop Palette will appear. The Drop Palette will give you the option to create the slideshow in the spot where you have dragged your images. You will still need to use the Slideshow Inspector to give your slideshow a name and create the remote control settings.

Adding Audio to your Slideshow

To add audio to your slideshow, you will need to open the Slideshow Editor. Using the Assets or Palette tab, you will be able to select the audio file that you wish to use. Click the audio file and drag it into the Slideshow Editor. When you have positioned the audio file, release your mouse. You can play the audio file by pressing the Space bar. If you are adding audio to only select still images, you will only be able to add one file at a time.

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