DVD Studio Pro: Image Compatibility

It's essential that you know about the image compatibility of DVD Studio Pro when you are considering importing images into your projects. Image compatibility simply means the images which are supported and can be imported into your project. DVD Studio Pro is one of the most powerful DVD authoring applications used by professionals.

By importing static images, you can improve the look of your finished DVD and make it look much more professional. It is, however, essential that you ensure they are saved in the right format first.


It's important to only import image files which are compatible with DVD Studio Pro, otherwise they won't work properly. DVD Studio Pro supports a wide range of different image formats. These include JPG (or JPEG), TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD and various other formats. The application supports almost all popular image formats, which should make it easy to import various images into your project.

All of these are common file extensions for image files and have been used for a very long time. As well as PNG, GIF and JPG files, the application also supports PSD, which is the native format of Photoshop. Photoshop images should be flattened for best compatibility.


DVD Studio Pro will only support images saved in RGB formats. It is not able to recognize images saved in CYMK format. Make sure that your image is saved using the RGB color scale to ensure compatibility. If the image is saved in CYMK, then DVD Studio Pro will be unable to open it correctly. This will create problems for your project.

Converting Images

Although DVD Studio Pro supports a wide range of different image formats, there are some that it doesn't support. If you have an image that it doesn't support then you will need to convert it. Converting the image is very easy and can be accomplished using virtually any image editing application such as Paint.Net or Photoshop.

Simply open the images up and then use the Save As command on the file menu to easily switch between formats. This makes it really simple to change the format of the image so that it will be supported. Also, use a photo editing application to change the resolution and color scale format of the image.


Once you have converted your image to the correct format, it's then time to import it into your project. It's important to note that DVD studio Pro will only be able to load image files which it supports. All other image files will fail to appear on the list.

To import, you need to click "File" and then select "Import;" this brings up a dialog box which can be used to select the assets (or images) that you want to import to your project. When you select one of the images, it is then possible to adjust the duration of the clip to make it stay on the screen for a certain amount of time.

It's then simply a matter of dragging the image from the asset window onto the timeline of DVD studio pro. This will create a new clip with the image in place.

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