DVD Studio Pro: How To Preserve Correct 16:9 Aspect Ratio

If you use DVD Studio Pro a great deal, you may find that although you have a 16.9 aspect ratio set up on your software, your quick time player or other DVD player often reduces the ratio when playing. This can affect how the final video looks, and you may be dissatisfied with the results of a film which looked great in the Pro dialog box. You may be unsure how to change the aspect ratio in your player screen, and you may also find that you cannot change the ratio in any way, either in DVD Studio Pro or on Quick Time. The solution is to go back to the beginning, and work on the aspect ratio using your Final Cut Pro software.

Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • Final Cut Pro Software
  • Movie
  • DVD Studio Pro

Step 1: Import Your Film to Final Cut Pro

Put your finished version of your film onto the computer, and save it under an easily recognizable name. Open your Final Cut Pro, and then open up the film you have just made into the dialogue screen. You should be able to do this simply by clicking on the Edit button, and then choosing the movie name. The film should then appear in the screen, and you can then proceed to change the ratio.

Step 2: Pick the Sequence

Locate the sequence that you wish to use a 16.9 ratio for, using the Browsing screen, and then right click onto this part of the film using your mouse. You should be able to see a second box inside your dialogue screen, which has a number of functions on it. Choose the Settings function, and left click onto it to open up the settings options.

Step 3: Locate the Ratio Tab

You should then be able to find the ratio drop down bar. Just to the side of this, there is a box marked Anamorphic 16.9. This box needs to be checked before you proceed to the next part.

Step 4: Move the Film

When you move your film over using the Quicktime Movie feature, this means that the software sees the file as a 4.3 ratio movie, and downloads it as such. Before going to the export portion, select the sequence in the browser, and then choose to export using Quicktime Conversion. You will then be shown a box containing a number of conversions. Click the Options box, and this will show you a dropdown box. In higher versions of Final Cut Pro, you can click on Size, and change this to 16.9 NTSC.

Step 5: Open Quicktime

Now, open your Quicktime player, and select the Movie Wrapper button. This should give you a list of options at the bottom of the screen, including one called Presentation. Click on this, then on the setting marked Conform Aperture. Check this setting, and then select Clean or Production. This will format your image so that you get a 16.9 ratio setting.

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